Grass-fed and grass-finished

About the Farm

That's us from a ways off.

That's us from a ways off.


    Atop a lightning-blackened hill in central Vermont, bristling with bedrock, bathed in vapors, purified by a constant virtuous wind, pinned down by ancient sugar maples and floating in a small sea of grass, Falling Damps Farm is home to us and our corpulent beeves.     

    In summer, said beeves range happily and torpidly from pasture to pasture. Fall is much the same. In winter, they huddle together and chew the hard-won yields of the grass harvest. In spring they wait impatiently for summer. Somewhere in there, they propagate. 

     These ladies and young gentlemen never touch a kernel of grain or get pumped full of weird stuff. Most relevantly, their languid lifestyle lends itself to delicious, tender meat. 

     We hope you enjoy Ned’s Best Beef as much as we do.


P.S. While beef is our stock-in-trade, we also sell weaned heifers for breeding and/or fattening (certified grass-fed), and open-air, non-GMO-fed Berkshire pork.